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A number of Irvine Running Club members have recently undertaken the Jog Scotland Leaders Course and with the better weather and lighter days soon ahead, we are keen to share our knowledge and experience. We are a group with various abilities and a broad spectrum of ages and experiences of 5Ks ( most of us regularly do the Eglington Park Run) ,10Ks , ½ and full Marathons .


 Club Members at Ayshire Relays October 2014

 On Tuesday evenings we will be doing a programme of runs based on a rough four week cycle of activities : 

♦  Up to a maximum distance of 10K , with options to vary probably using Marine Drive/the Beach.

♦  A track session with various activities.

♦  A hill session on the Beach Park

♦  A bit of a mixed run, including an Indian File, where the person sprints from the back of the pack to the front, slows down and the next person at the back sprints to the front and so on; this is repeated a number of times until everyone has had enough, after which we will all jog in.

♦  A two mile time trial around the paths on Irvine Moor, which is a great way of monitoring a runner's progress ; this is scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month.

 We head out at 1900 so come down at 1845 in order to be ready for a prompt departure.

The National Cross Country will take place at Falkirk on Saturday 27th February. The race distances are 8000m for Senior Women (start time 13:25) and 12000m for
Senior Men (start time 14:30). Event information can be DOWNLOADED HERE

The closing date for entries is Wednesday 10th February so entries will need to be with the Male Club Captain, Alex Allardyce or Female Club
Captain, Susan Rhodes by Monday 8th February so that they can be sent off.

The information that they need is: Name, date of birth & Scottish Athletics number. 

XMAS HANDICAP 27-12-15 (Finish Order & Scratch Times)



Eglinton Park Run 21st & 28th November ( RESULTS )

Eglinton Park Run 7th November ( RESULTS )

Eglinton Park Run 31st October  ( RESULTS )

Chic Forbes Handicap 1st November 2015 ( RESULTS )

Eglinton Park Run 17th and 24th October ( RESULTS )


The results for these races can be viewed HERE . Because the finishing positions of the Under 11 runners and the first 2 legs of the Under 13 runners were not recorded in the correct manner it was not possible to match the times recorded to all the finishing positions in these 2 races.

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 see LATEST NEWS for form to be submitted to John Surgenor.

Autumn/Winter Race dates -

Ayrshire Relays; Chic Forbes; Ayrshire Cross Country; Cyclists V Harriers; Xmas Handicap- See latest news or CLICK HERE

Eglinton Park Run 26th September and 3rd October ( RESULTS )

Eglinton Park Run 19th September ( RESULTS )

Round Cumbrae 10 Mile Race 13th September 2015 ( RESULTS )

Eglinton Park Run 12th September ( RESULTS )

5 Mile Road Race 20th July 2015  RESULTS HERE

Jim Young Marymass 10K 19th August 2015  RESULTS HERE  and Prize Winners

Eglinton Park Runs 29th August - 5th September ( RESULTS )

Eglinton Park Run 22nd August ( RESULTS )

Eglinton Park Run 8th and 15th August ( RESULTS )

Dundonald 10K 5th August ( RESULTS ) and ( Prize Winners )

Eglinton Park Run 1st August ( REPORT )

Eglinton Park Run 25th July ( REPORT )

5 Mile road race prizewinners ( REPORT )

Eglinton Park Runs 11th - 18th July ( REPORT )


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